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Farmyard Cabbage Jigsaw Puzzle © EBWatts

Farmyard Cabbage

Available as a 250, 500 or 1000 piece jigsaw

This painting is available as a finely laser cut wooden adult jigsaw puzzle by Wentworth.

The puzzle features numerous unique Wentworth ‘whimsy’ pieces which are shaped to reflect the image theme. There are no corner shapes and straight edges in middle pieces. This uniqueness coupled with individual long lasting superior quality of each piece means that this ‘Farmyard Cabbage’ puzzle can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Please click on the image to order directly from Wentworth Wooden Puzzles.

Greetings Cards

Green Pebble, the card company, have reproduced a selection of paintings by EBWatts as cards.

Each greetings card is printed on beautiful, premium FSC-approved board, supplied with a matching white envelope and comes individually wrapped in cellophane.

To find out more, or to order please click the link below or any of the images.

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Small Dogs On A Day Bed Greetings Card © EBWatts

Small Dogs on a Daybed

Puffins on a Seashell Greetings Card © EBWatts

Puffins On A Seashell

Circus Dalmations Greetings Card © EBWatts

Circus Dalmations

Sheep With Patchwork Greetings Card © EBWatts

Sheep With Patchwork

Farmyard Cabbage Greetings Card © EBWatts

Farmyard Cabbage

Cats On A Wheelbarrow Greetings Card © EBWatts

Cats on a Wheelbarrow

Vegetable Garden Bullfinches Greetings Card © EBWatts

Vegetable Garden Bullfinches

Party Heels Greetings Card © EBWatts

Party Heels

Rabbit Heaven Greetings Card © EBWatts

Rabbit Heaven

Owls On A Patchwork Chair Greetings Card © EBWatts

Owls On A Patchwork Chair

Blue Tit On Apple Greetings Card © EBWatts

Blue Tit On Apple

Cats on a Patchwork Sofa Greetings Card © EBWatts

Cats On A Patchwork Sofa

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