Barn Owls symbolise the countryside.

Farmyards and woodlands are their domain.

I have used enormous artistic licence painting them larger than life, and in an imaginative landscape. I wanted to draw attention to the detail of their fabulous feathers, against the vibrant design of the patchwork. I pay homage to three very beautiful barn owls.

The video below shares a little more about the inspiration behind the painting.

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There is a transcription below the video should you prefer to read about it.

Video Transcription

This painting is called barn owls on a chair.

I absolutely love painting barn owls.

I love their faces. I love their feathers.

I love everything about them.

But the inspiration for the painting was the chair, and the chair I saw alongside a sofa in Turkey, and I thought this is too good to be true, suddenly in the middle of nowhere this wonderful Patchwork furniture.

So that’s why I wanted to put it in the painting and I thought then what do I put with the chair and I thought of the barn owls and then I thought of the landscape around about.

But I had such fun doing the patchwork and also doing their feathers and then you’ll see certain colours that I introduced that actually, were very necessary because they defined the shape of the chair in the way the patchwork wasn’t doing.

It’s a lot of artistic license, but at the same time you get a feeling of their domain, which is the woodland and the barns beyond and this wonderful garden folly and a walled in garden.

To me one of the most satisfying pictures I’ve ever done and I think the owls themselves speak to you.

I mean I spend hours on every face of every animal I do but I feel that they’re all absolutely alive, and I could look at it forever.