I am fascinated by painting brown paper. I scrunched and folded it to create an abstract design.

The wild flowers and brown paper epitomise the simple and commonplace.

The careful composition highlights the beauty in nature.

This original acrylic painting is currently available to purchase, for more details click here.

The video below shares more, and there is a transcript available further down if you would prefer to read about it.

Video Transcript

My first inspiration was to do something with brown paper.

I love the idea of paper. I love paper in any shape, form or color and I scrunched it up and made it into the shape of a bouquet and then I thought okay now something just as ordinary as the brown paper and I thought perfect, it’ll be wild flowers and it was summertime and we’re surrounded by wild flowers around where we are and different countries we’ve been to.

The brown paper and the wild flowers were just like two of the most ordinary things imaginable and I think that’s part of what I try and do in my painting, is to choose things that are very ordinary that then because of the way you paint them, makes you the viewer look at them and see really how beautiful they are. I mean, there’s something about this whole brown paper that was scrunched together that is really quite beautiful because it’s a shape. It’s a shape that you look at and you can keep looking at.

It’s a brown paper and wildflowers, two completely ordinary everyday things and yet the way it’s painted and the prominence I’ve given it, it suddenly becomes something rather extraordinary, something you can look at and admire and almost transport you into another realm.