Apples & Honeysuckle Acrylic on Canvas Painting

Acrylic art comes in virtually every texture and colour, so how can you choose the right one for your home?

While furniture makes your home more comfortable, it’s artwork and personal photographs that transform it into a home that brims with personality.

(View painting above “Apples and Honeysuckle”)

Determine The Purpose of the Painting

Are you looking for a decorative piece, to be simply hung on your wall?

Or would you prefer a painting that will provide a window into other worlds, inviting viewers to lose themselves in fantastical visions or scenes from distant times and places.

Ultimately, the purpose of a painting can be defined by the ideas, emotions, and messages that it conveys to its audience. Whether through intricate brushstrokes or striking colours, a great painting is able to capture our imaginations and stir our hearts.

Consider your Home’s Colour Scheme

When it comes to creating a beautiful and cohesive home aesthetic, one of the most important factors is colour. Whether you are thinking about painting the walls or simply choosing accessories such as rugs, art, and furniture, having a clear and consistent colour scheme is essential.

The right painting should perfectly complement your home’s existing palette and infuse your interior design with a little flair and creativity

Choose a Painting that Reflects your Personality

When I think about the paintings that truly reflect my personality, some paintings for example stand out.

Elephants have always meant a lot to me and my family, featuring prominently during our trips abroad. A few of my paintings feature them, including one of my recent releases “Elephants, Lemurs and Birds of Paradise” (shown below.)

Elephants and Lemurs - Acrylic Painting On Canvas

The animals create a sense of fun and vitality, while the birds of paradise are a shock of colour and almost abstract design.

A sense of movement is created by the hidden lemurs, with just their “twitching” tails peaking out from behind the leaves making you wonder where they are going.

World of Interiors Front Cover May 2005 - Mural

From my early childhood I was surrounded by elephants inside the house.

My Mother, who was a wonderful artist, painted a mural about Africa with zebras and elephants, that gave us a sense of adventure every time we sat down to eat.

In May 2005 I was delighted to see it featured on the front cover of “World of Interiors.”

Make Sure The Painting Is High Quality

At the heart of any acrylic painting lies the acrylic paint itself, which provides the rich colours and vibrant textures that make acrylic artwork so special.

Find A Painting That Is The Right Size For Your Space And Room

When it comes to finding the perfect painting for your space, size matters. You need to consider how much wall space you have available and how busy the other decor items in your room are.

For example, a small, minimally-decorated room may be better suited to a smaller acrylic painting to avoid creating visual clutter, while a large and more colourful living room may benefit from a larger piece that commands attention.

The Kitchen

Kitchen Artwork - acrylic paintings on canvas

When it comes to choosing a painting or other artwork for your kitchen, it could be difficult to know where to begin. Interesting foods like pasta or your favourite pepper mill could be a starting point.

There are so many different styles, colours, and mediums to choose from, and each one will create a different visual effect in your space.

Ultimately, the key is to find something that resonates with you on a personal level, something that speaks to you and makes you feel happy when you look at it, and add warmth and style to your kitchen.

Featured Paintings: The Lunch Plate (top), Summer Tub (Left), The Kitchen Colander (Right)

The Living Room

When choosing an acrylic painting for your living room, it’s important to find one that fits the overall aesthetic of the space.

The painting should be in keeping with the style of the furniture and decor, and also be the right size for your wall. In addition, you’ll want to consider the colours in the painting, as they should complement the other colours in the room.

An acrylic painting can really personalise a space, so take some time to find one you love, that will make your living room feel like home.

Featured Paintings: The African Box (left), The Indian Box (Right)

African & Indian box pair of acrylic paintings

The Bedroom

Puffins Giclee Print - Bedroom Artwork

When it comes to the bedroom, your chosen artwork should be something to help create the mood and atmosphere you want in your room.

The key is to choose a painting that speaks to your heart and helps you feel happy and at peace when gazing upon it from your bed. So why not take some time today to explore all of the beautiful options out there and find just the right piece for your bedroom?

Featured Giclée Print: Puffins with Shell

In Summary

Acrylic on canvas paintings can be found in a wide range of styles and sizes. They are easy to hang and can transform a room in an instant.

A key feature of my canvas paintings is that the design continues around the side, so they don’t need framing!

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