September News

I am delighted to be able to share that I have been featured in a couple of publications this month.

First, in Artists and Illustrators magazine and their website here: Artists And Illustrators Magazine.

And secondly, in Lancashire And North West Magazine, and here is an excerpt from the article, (Written by Mairead Mahon, photographs by Colin de Chair):

Lizzie Bromley Davenport’s alter ego has established herself as a major artist.

Many visitors comment on the beautiful interior decor of Capesthorne Hall and are always pleasantly surprised to hear that much of it is the work of the lady of the house, Lady Bromley Davenport. However, when one learns that she is a professional artist of some repute, working under the name of E.B. Watts, maybe it is not so surprising after all.

Lizzie, as she likes to be known, was born in America into a family of professional artists and was brought up in the countryside surrounding New Jersey.

“My family and all our friends and neighbours enjoyed creating things: whether it be a piece of writing or a painting”, she said.

The two things combined when someone would write a play and others of us would get involved with painting the scenery. It really was a joy. This love of drawing and painting continued when Lizzie went to boarding school.

There wasn’t a lot of opportunity for life drawing but it didn’t really matter, as we concentrated on the world around us, including spending lots of time on trying to capture facial expressions, she said.

I was lucky enough to be able to continue with my art studies at the Italian Art Academy in Rome. There, I developed the method I still use, which is to make a line drawing, not necessarily with shading or too much detail and from there, fill it with colour.

Lizzie’s paintings are certainly colourful and are instantly recognisable for their vibrancy and ability to raise a smile: a view which is shared by people across the world who have added one to their collection. Many have proved to be so popular that they have also been made available as posters and prints and Lizzie has letters and emails from people who tell her how just looking at them can brighten up an otherwise dull day.

You can click below to read the full article in “Lancashire and North West Magazine”:

Article Published In The Lancashire And North West Magazine