Would you like to see my studio?

This is my absolute haven. This is where I escape to.

In each alcove I’ve collected all kinds of objects including childhood ornaments my mother sent me when we first got married, and lots of lovely gifts given to me going back many years. They’re very intimate memories and I love having them.

I also have a collection of travel books on the bookshelves from our trips to different places in the world.

This is where I sit and where I paint.

I love to open my drawer where I have all my paints, paper, glue and lots of brushes.

I usually have the painting on my knee because most of it is very detailed and very close up.

I have lots of inspiration around me.

I can look out on our wonderful garden, or I can simply look around this room.

I have my wonderful, seemingly larger than life table where I pull together lots of ideas for a particular painting.

There isn’t just one or two as you can see. I have lots of ideas going on in my head that help to make the next painting something new an exciting to work on.

That’s why there are lots of photographs, magazine clippings and marked pages on the table.

I find it fascinating that sometimes, it can be the tiniest part of a photograph that you eventually decide to use.

Once I’ve decided what my composition will be and have drawn it out (before I start to paint) these are reduced down to just the images I need.

As I finish a painting I put it in my storage cupboard and wait for an exhibition or a time when I have a visitor to my studio.

This collection of photographs are really my whole lifetime and they represent family and great friends.

The whole atmosphere in this room I feel, is one that expresses more what I’m like than probably anywhere else.

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