Elephants, Lemurs and Birds of Paradise – Original Acrylic Painting On Canvas

I knew I wanted to paint Elephants, Lemurs and Birds of Paradise.

I tried to achieve a softness with the Elephant and background colour but realised, I then had to accentuate the black and white tails and pierce the tranquility of the composition with the vibrant orange of the flowers.

Each canvas is different. Sometimes I paint the background first, this time I painted the Elephant in detail, but eager to see the composition, I painted the rest in part.This idea was more spontaneous than usual and experimental to some degree.

I hope the atmosphere of joy and distant lands is as apparent to you, as it is to me.

Original acrylic canvas painting.
No framing required as the design continues around the sides.

Size: 55cm x 45cm

© EBWatts