Berkshire Pig with Chickens Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Berkshire Pig with Chickens | Acrylic Painting

Full Description

“Berkshire Pig with Chickens”

Pigs, chickens, and patchwork are 3 subjects I never tire of painting. I also find black and white fascinating and consequently this inspired me to paint this Berkshire Pig in the snow.

I like to include other animals in the composition; they seem to need each other.

In America, the patchwork quilt is often seen at the foot of the bed. As a child I always had a bedspread and a quilt. Patchwork has always conjured up extraordinary design, warmth and cosiness. It seemed obvious to make this the final touch in this paitning.

With so many people are converting barns into houses, this sort of interior would be a perfect backdrop for The Berkshire Pig!

You can watch a short video sharing more about the inspiration behind this originial acrylic painting here

Canvas Size: 46cm x 36cm
No framing required as the design continues around the sides.

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Whilst the original has been sold, this painting is still available as a Giclee Print in 3 sizes (click below to view)

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