Brown Paper Bouquet Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Brown Paper Bouquet Acrylic Painting

Full Description

“Brown Paper Bouquet”

I am fascinated by painting brown paper. I have scrunched and folded it to create an abstract design.

What you see at first glance is simply a shape.

The brown paper is held together by the folds, the flowers are picked at random. Carefully put together they make a convincing composition, highlighting the beauty in nature. The light and dark of the green background gives a sense of limitless space.

The wild flowers and brown paper epitomise the simple and commonplace.

Because the artwork goes around the sides, the painting would work over a mantle piece, a breakfast room, a family kitchen or almost anywhere!

Canvas Size: 55cm x 45cm
No framing required as the design continues around the sides.

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Also available as a Giclee Print (click below to view)

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