Cats in the Plant Room Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Cats in the Plant Room - EB Watts Acrylic Painting

Full Description

“Cats in the Plant Room”

This unusual chaise longue just caught my eye. Imagine a single piece of furniture and placing cats on and around it.

Each cat is unique with its temperament, size, colour and texture of fur. It was like decorating an almost empty space with wonderful textiles and patterns. Each expression is very challenging but joyfully, you might find one that speaks to you. The tropical leaves are bold but few, and guide your eye to the wheelbarrow and herbaceous borders beyond. The composition is like a succession of garden rooms, one after the other.

Canvas Size: 45cm x 35cm
No framing required as the design continues around the sides.

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Also available as a Giclee Print in 3 sizes (click below to view)