Elephants, Lemurs & Birds of Paradise Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Elephants and Lemurs - Acrylic Painting On Canvas

Full Description

“Elephants, Lemurs & Birds of Paradise”

I knew I wanted to paint Elephants, Lemurs and Birds of Paradise.

I tried to achieve a softness with the Elephant and background colour but realised, I then had to accentuate the black and white tails and pierce the tranquility of the composition with the vibrant orange of the flowers.

Each canvas is different. Sometimes I paint the background first, this time I painted the Elephant in detail, but eager to see the composition, I painted the rest in part.This idea was more spontaneous than usual and experimental to some degree.

I hope the atmosphere of joy and distant lands is as apparent to you, as it is to me.

Canvas Size: 55cm x 45cm
No framing required as the design continues around the sides.

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Also available as a Giclee Print in 3 sizes (click below to view)