I recently shared a video explaining why I like to paint around the corners (you can watch it here). However, it didn’t share what started the ball rolling.

In 2006 I bought, for a few pounds, a pack of 3 canvases from a local art and craft shop.  Little did I know at the time, that this would be the start of what is now a key feature of my art; ‘Round The Corner’ canvas paintings.

I used the canvases to create the three original acrylic on canvas paintings below, two of which were inspired by countries I have visited and the third, by my fascination with chicken wire!

Upside Down Moroccan Turban

We have had wonderful trips to Morocco beginning with our delayed honeymoon. It is a country that we have found very appealing and always want to visit again.

Upside Down Moroccan Turban - Acrylic Painting on Canvas

The Radish in Upside Down Hilltribe Cap.

On a trip to Thailand we found a tiny shop that sold the most wonderful, colourful creations made by the Hilltribe people with their own sense of style and originality. We have worn these clothes to parties and special occasions ever since!

Radish Upside Down Hilltribe Cap - Acrylic on Canvas Painting

Chicken Wire Basket with Vegetables

Over the years I have made all sorts of shapes with chicken wire. It never fails to fascinate me! My train of thought here was chicken wire to allotment to farm land to vegetable garden.

Chicken Wire Basket Acrylic Painting on Canvas

I like to keep challenging my train of thought, you never quite know where you will end up which is why people sometimes say, “what a surprise”!

I still have these paintings mainly because the quality of the canvas is not very good. They are also lovely keepsakes as they represent a change in style too.

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