I am drawn to cabbages and their spectacular leaves, and to tulips particularly in the spring.

I wanted to paint a still life with no background, just the leaves bleeding out to the edges of the canvas.

Naturally, your eyes gravitate to the centre where you instantly see the coloured tulips, and suddenly, the green parrots of various sizes.

This original is available to buy (no frame needed as the design continues around the sides), as well as a choice of 3 sizes of giclée print. To find out more, please click the appropriate button below:

The Inspiration Behind The Painting

This video shares a little more about the inspiration behind the painting and there is a transcription below the video should you prefer to read about it.

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Video Transcription

I love the Tulip season and I’m sure every year, at that particular time of year, I have to do a Tulip or two and so this time I wanted to do a group of Tulips,but I want to have them in something that’s slightly different, that’s off the beaten track.

And so I found a picture of a cabbage and I was thinking to myself how brilliant, and then, of course I thought, I’m going to put it in a real cabbage, and then I’m going to have the cabbage leaves lead off from the canvas so that your whole concentration when you look at the painting is at the Tulips.

And then for a surprise element I thought I actually would like to put some birds in there and I thought I don’t want to have birds that compete with the Tulips, I’ll have green parrots, but what I do like is the idea of having them normal size and then actually some little tiny ones, don’t ask me why I did that, I just felt like it was fun to do.

But overall it’s homage to the Tulip.