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Rabbit Heaven

These three rabbits became almost lifelike as I painted them. I wanted to surround them with all the vegetables and greenery they could eat, hence the title Rabbit Heaven. The challenge was to use artistic licence and still make a convincing composition.

Peas Wrapped in White Paper

I am fascinated by white on white. In this composition of white paper on a white background I chose to include green peas with occasional crimson red radishes. The white spring onions are designed to make a subtle frame around the pea centrepiece

Yellow Basket of Vegetables

The basket went from brown to orange to yellow. The original idea was just lettuce, but it needed colour, so reds and oranges started to echo the red and white cloth in the foreground. I wanted the background to be simple, and had a wonderful time painting panels of grey and white. I suddenly thought of grey lettuce to blend in, and not interrupt the composition.

Elephant with Indian Ribbon

The star in this painting is the matriarch with the Indian Sari ribbon. It is a gathering of different sized elephants in a fantastic woodland. Each one has a distinct personality and the composition pays homage to this exceptional animal in the wild.

Winter Vegetables

I found some wonderful round table mats with a single large vegetable on each one. They looked spectacular on our glass table, and inspired this painting. The white birch bark is sharp and jagged, but is filled with smooth round vegetables, with contrasting colours and textures. To emphasise the season, I have set the basket in a snow coloured landscape.

Owls on Patchwork Chair

Barn Owls symbolise the countryside. Farmyards and woodlands are their domain. I have used enormous artistic licence painting them larger than life, and in an imaginative landscape. I wanted to draw attention to the detail of their fabulous feathers, against the vibrant design of the patchwork. I pay homage to three very beautiful barn owls.

Tropical Birds

I am very interested in painting tropical birds with their vivid colours, and rainforest leaves with their extraordinary shapes and sizes. I chose the elegant George 111 sofa to show off the birds, regardless of the surrounding composition of bamboo and wild foliage. The contrast is what appeals to me and surprises most.

Each canvas continues around the corners with images linked to the painting. Frames are not required.

Music credit: Youtube creative commons music: Ghosts of California, Wes Hutchinson Best John 

Brown Paper Bouquet

I am fascinated by painting brown paper. I scrunched and folded it to create an abstract design. The wild flowers and brown paper epitomise the simple and commonplace. The careful composition highlights the beauty in nature.

Sheep with Patchwork

Inspiration for this painting came easily. Cold woodland contrasting with the warm sheep in their heavy coats and patchwork.

Small Dogs on a Day Bed

In this painting dogs are treated to a luxurious setting. They are extremely comfortable and happy together. My inspiration came from the black and white bed and colourful parasols as they compliment the dogs.

Hens on a Yellow Sofa

When I studied the composition of this painting I decided to dramatically change it. The hens were originally in a green field with a colourful hen house and a castle in the distance. The inspiration for the hens came from beautiful hens that we saw in China. The landscape turned to snow with the chickens creating their own warmth. I was drawn to recreate this gathering by recognising their continuous role in family life.

Indian Elephant with Coloured Sticks

I have painted elephants throughout my life. I always find them very exciting subjects. In this painting I wanted to accentuate the colourful sticks and parakeets against the grey of the elephant and the green of the palm trees. The vibrant colours are typical of India.

The Yellow Teapot with Parakeets

This painting is a typical representation of the way I see things around me. The background is pure colour which emphasises the subject matter as part of the composition. A simple background allows the viewer to focus on one idea albeit still painted with great detail.

White Vegetables in a Rainbow Basket

This is my first painting in a series called Kitchen Art. I designed this painting to have little colour at the top. I deliberately concentrated on placing all the colours of the rainbow at the bottom which makes up the basket. A neutral background helps you focus on the detailed foreground. These paintings belong in the kitchen which is the heart of the house.

Summer Heel

This high heel filled with flowers captures the essence of summer and holiday mood. At first this painting looks like abstract art. However upon a closer look it proves to be sheer fun!

Taj Mahal with Rose Ringed Parakeets

Our first view of the Taj Mahal was at dusk. The Taj was rising up out of the mist. Not even the crowds could interfere with this vision of beauty and incredible scale. The Taj is naturally isolated from the wildlife and nature of India. I spontaneously decided to add the Rose Ringed Parakeets as they were paying homage to this particular wonder of the world.

Tigers in Ranthambore

The most thrilling part of our trip to India was seeing and hearing the Tigers in Rathambore National Park. They appeared larger than life and truly dominated the landscape. The vibrant materials and decorative beads are everywhere in Rajasthan; the small cupola is a detail of past glory and royal sport of a bygone era.

Elephants with Shells

The artist describing her thought processes, experiences, and the methods used to paint “Elephants with Shells”. The inspiration for this painting came from her travels abroad and she uses artistic licence to emphasise the shells by making them nearly as big as the elephants.